Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blogger’s Share Their Best Nrganizing Tip(s) – Part VI

Happy Thursday!  Welcome to the final instalment of January’s Getting Organized series.  Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers who gave us a peek into their their homes, closets and bathrooms.  Today, my two guest bloggers are talking about organizing in a toddler’s room and a basement.

1) Courtney from A Thoughtful Place:

Hi there. I am so excited to be sharing one of my favourite spaces with you today, our son's closet. I think I am most proud of this space because we really took the time to plan it out and make sure it would work well. When we changed his room from a nursery to a big boy room, I noticed that he really didn't have any hanging clothes {not many at least!}. So we moved everything to his dresser and took the doors off the closet.

That actually worked well too, because as the over protective mommy, I was always worried he would slam his fingers in those large, heavy doors.


So now the space is for his books and toys. The shelf above hosts some bankers boxes that I can store random things in. There will still be room for me to install a rod between the bookshelves and the wall when the time comes. The two bookshelves were mine when I was a child. It's fun to see them used again. I also like that the wooden toys made by hand by our dear Great Grandfather now have a handsome place to rest. What also makes this space work is that there are plenty of bins and buckets for all of his toys. As long as they make it into one of those when it's time to clean up, I am one happy mama! Thanks so much for letting me share one of our favourite organizational projects.



2) Cecilia from Everything in 3’s:

When we renovated our basement a couple of years ago, we created a hallway of lockers for storage.  Our initial thought was to assign one locker per child.  As it turns out, we decided to use each locker to store our seasonal gear and sporting equipment.



When you open each locker, we divided the space into thirds.  We designed a shelf above and below the main space and installed double hooks.


From left to right:

One locker houses our kids' gear.  Things such as helmets, lacrosse sticks, sports pads, ice skates and roller skates all have their place.  The other lockers are organized by seasonal activity.  One locker stores tennis and golf equipment.  Another is filled with Summer items -- life vests, boogie boards, cooler bags, waterproof totes and floatation rings.  The fourth locker is filled with mostly my husband's random things --  a football, baseball gloves, his lacrosse sticks, coats and ski boots.

Because each locker is designated for an activity, it makes it easier to find things.  Everything is in one place.  If we had designated a locker per child or per person (i.e. one for our son, one for the girls to share, one for my husband and one for myself), then it would have been more difficult to pack up to go to an activity.  Imagine rummaging through 4 different lockers to collect helmets, or 4 sets of ice skates?  This system works really well for us because our kids are still young.  Maybe once our kids are teenagers everything will change, but either way, the best thing is no matter how neat or messy the insides are, you can shut the doors and not see all the clutter!

Thanks so much Courtney and Cecilia!  I love what you have done to keep organized.  Please be sure to visit their blogs to see what they have both been up to!

I hope you enjoyed this series!  I’ll see you back here soon!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Blogger’s Share Their Best Organizing Tip(s) – Part V

Hello there! Welcome to Part V of my organizing series where I have asked some of my favourite blogger’s to share their best tip.  Today we are talking about organization in the bathroom. I have to admit, this is my downfall – there are always at least 20 lotions, potions and makeup containers on the counter at any given time.  And I know I drive my hubby crazy (although he never says anything because he’s just that kind of guy.) Maybe these tips today will get me all sorted out!


1)  Nancy from Marcus Design:

I get so excited to organize in the New Year! Ok - first confession - I am still working on the organization of all my morning toiletries. I've purchased a python tray which should arrive in the mail any day, and I'll be placing it on my bathroom counter to keep everything I need right at hand. I'm going to use cups  to hold various brushes and a bowl to hold bobbles and jewels. This way makeup brushes, perfumes, hair products, and my jewellery that I grab on a daily basis can be effortlessly organized together, laid out in front of me, and look pretty at the same time! Who knows, maybe being so organized will even shave off a couple of minutes from my morning routine!



Here are my inspiration images I'm working towards:


2) Staci from Inspired Life:

Hello Décor Happy readers, I’m thrilled to be here with you today {Thanks Vanessa}!  I’m here to share my 3 tricks for keeping bathroom cupboards organized and looking great.



1. Use the height of the cupboard by inserting shelves, and door space by using hooks. By doing this you can end up with three times the amount of storage space, which is always a good thing.

2. Use baskets to group like items and hide the clutter. I personally hate opening a cupboard and seeing a sea of clutter, so using baskets keeps it pretty and organized looking.

3. Create labels for the baskets. Doing this will allow you to access what you’re looking for a lot faster, and if you make cute labels like I did, it adds a nice decorative element in an unexpected space.

And there you have it – Organizing bathroom cupboards can be as easy as 1-2-3! I hope you found this a little bit helpful. Thanks again to Vanessa for having me participate, it’s been fun!

                                                                Staci xo

3)  Michael from Michael Penney Style:

If you're faced with an old bathroom lacking in storage, embrace the 'unfitted' look and add a quirky little cabinet like I did.  My vintage pedestal sink didn't leave me with any under cabinet storage and I still needed somewhere to stash all of the toiletries.  Sara and I found this little cabinet in an antique shop in Maine and loved the original green paint and it's history and patina.  It holds so much and looks great too.  Get even more practical storage on top by styling with a pretty woven tray and some glass canisters.  A loosey-goosey art arrangement of mix 'n match frames continues the unfitted casual style.

      Photo credit:  Donna Griffith, originally in House & Home Magazine.

4) Speaking of bathroom storage, I spotted this on Pinterest the other day. Just had to include it here as it’s so pretty.


Thanks to all the fab bloggers participating today and sharing their bathroom organizing secrets with us!
Have a magical week everyone! See you back here Thursday with the final part of the organizing posts.  Hope you have been enjoying them!  You can catch up on reading them here.